Towards an International Education Strategy 2.0

Research, evidence, opinions, and findings arising from Commission will be used to produce a range of white papers and interim reports on specific topics before our final, consolidated, report. You’ll be able to see these materials including recordings of events and reference documents here on the International Higher Education Commission website.

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UK strategy documents

IHEC submission to the MAC Rapid Review of the Graduate Route

We have submitted evidence to the MAC Rapid Review of the graduate study route, highlighting the importance of using correct and up-to-date information in making policy recommendations and decisions. We highlight that almost all the changes in numbers of students recruited by the 4 major English speaking destinations is due to variations in the market share driven by national HE policy changes, as the overall growth rate has remained essentially constant at 3.9%, and the major factor driving changes in market share is the relative attractiveness of the PSW offer. We also highlight the need to recognise the different financial dynamics of major sending countries, and the need to attract “best and brightest” and not just the ‘rich and richest’.

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Evidence versus Emotion: The facts about international student recruitment and what they mean

In this report we focus on providing a detailed evidential basis‚ where relevant recording past policy changes and “system effects”‚ in order to review a number of oft repeated assertions. We approach this not seeking to diminish or undermine views but rather to focus on what the evidence shows is actually happening. Thereby we hope to encourage a debate about how best to build on the success of the UK HE sector.

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The Role of Transnational Education Partnerships in Building Sustainable and Resilient Higher Education

This is the 4th report produced to support the work of the International Higher Education Commission – by providing the data, insight and evidence necessary to establish a new and relevant ‘International Education Strategy 2.0’ Building on the recently launched British Council Transnational Education Strategy 2023–25, this report details the context and dynamics of TNE and how to realise its potential to generate substantially enhanced academic, operational and financial returns for UK providers and their overseas partners, augment experiences and widen access for students, and provide talent pipelines for industry on a global, scalable and sustainable basis.

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Is the UK developing global mindsets?

The latest report commissioned by the International Higher Education Commission (IHEC) reveals a decline in the international diversity of UK campuses. The loss of incoming Erasmus+ exchange students and UK students' decline in foreign language studies are contributing factors. To address this issue, the IHEC recommends that internationalisation at home to be one of the central parts of the UK's higher education strategy. The report provides several recommendations to enhance the advantages of internationalisation at home, including strengthening capacity and capability across various aspects of internationalisation. More details for a new international higher education strategy will be outlined in a final report planned to be published this November.

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Expressing the international student voice

Our latest report, compiled by London Higher and Middlesex University, explores the challenges and aspirations of London-based international students. Informed by a roundtable discussion, the report reiterates the wide range of factors influencing the university journey of London-based international students, including the availability of accommodation; the challenges of rising costs; and expectations around academic performance. The new report highlights the key policy areas that must be addressed to improve the student experience and keep London competitive, namely: Employability, Accessibility, Integration, Transportation and Representation. More broadly, the report underlines the importance of bringing international students to the forefront of discussions examining higher education policy.

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International Higher Education Strategy 2.0: Targeted Growth for Resilience

A thorough data analysis on the international student recruitment market to offer a reliable evidence base for future action, challenging several assumptions and myths surrounding the UK's international student population.

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Previous UK strategy documents

UK Government International Education Strategy 2019.

Promising “global potential, global growth”, and the precursor to the Commission’s new International Education Strategy 2.0 due to be published in 2023.

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Background material from the UK and other sources: