International Higher Education Commission Roundtable

The IHEC Meeting on 27th September received a report from Janet Ilieva on Internationalisation at Home.  A key finding was the extent to which international experiences on UK campuses had declined after Brexit and the discussion touched on various topics related to universities and students’ experiences, including the challenges international students face in the UK. There importance of better integrating international students into the university community and improving their employability after graduation were discussed

The need for collaboration between universities and businesses to tap into the potential talent of international students was highlighted. The discussion also referenced a report on student experiences in London and a roundtable discussion in Scotland, emphasising the importance of addressing international students’ unique opportunities and challenges in different regions.

Various topics related to international education strategy and its impact on regions and universities in the UK were also covered. The conversation highlighted the importance of data-driven approaches. There was discussion on specific destination marketing for different regions in the UK and the need to promote their unique value and attractiveness to international students.  The participants discussed the upcoming roundtable with Yorkshire Universities.

The discussion concluded with plans for a capstone event where the draft recommendations for the final report would be presented.