Sára Kozáková

Student Commissioner – Postgraduate student, Newcastle University, Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies

Sára is currently studying a masters programme in Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies in Newcastle. As a European student, she is passionate about supporting other European students who are currently studying or wishing to study in the UK. Mainly she would like to create clearer guidelines for institutions in the UK and for European students when it comes to their international student experience after Brexit. She wants to support the students in navigating the new rules after Brexit, understanding the changes to their status and/or rights, tackling their personal and academic problems, and raise awareness of what help is available. Likewise, she wants to contribute towards training of universities’ staff across the UK so that there is a better understanding of this particular group of students. It is important that European students don’t feel forgotten or overlooked as they still form an important part of higher education in the UK.